Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am frequently asked if and when to buy travel insurance.

Yes purchase travel insurance and do it right away.

In this age of delays, bankruptcies, and strikes it is wise to have insurance coverage for your travel investment.

The general rule with most insurance companies for best coverage is to purchase insurance coverage within 14 days of you initial trip deposit. So if you wrote your check out on May 15th and mailed it out, you should purchase your insurance no later than May 29th.

BUT to cover unforeseen things like natural disasters such as the volcanic eruptions in Iceland that grounded flights a few years ago, or flight delays due to sun flares as is now happening, etc…GET the insurance soon as you write out your check or give your credit card number for payment.

The less of a time gap between your trip deposit payment and purchase of travel insurance, the less of a chance there is of events such as a new strike happening that would not be covered.

If a strike breaks out, a volcano erupts, etc before you purchase coverage then it will no longer be a covered incident. It then is a re-existing incident and thus not covered. So do not wait till the last minute.

Check the insurance company’s Alert and Strike Lists. Here you will find carriers and tour operators that are not covered, and any announced and on-going strikes that are excluded form coverage.

It is always best to purchase third party insurance. Yes, the cruise ship company you booked your cruise with will recommend you purchase their insurance policy, but if the cruise company goes under there will be no one to pay insurance claims.

Many insurance companies allow you to purchase insurance for the amount of the deposit, but you must remember to add coverage when you pay the balance for your trip.

NOTE: All insurances have a loophole for civil unrest. Some cover it up to 1 day prior to departure for a hefty premium. Shop around for the best coverage to your circumstances and chosen travel destination.

Live, Laugh & Travel!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Add More Pages to Your Passport

Okay frequent travelers...running out of pages in your passport?

For those with a US passport with 2-4 pages remaining, it's time to send in your valid US passport to add more pages.

You will need to mail in your passport along with current passport fee (at time of publication $82) and completed Form DS-4085, Application for Additional Visa Pages to the address on the form.

Use secure packing materials, such as Tyvek envolope, and a traceable delivery method such as UPS or Fed EX.

Allow at least 6 weeks for processing. If you do not have 6 weeks before your next jet setting adventure, then use the EXPEDITED service starting at $60 for 2-3 week processing. To get your passport back within this time, will require you to use overnight shipping in both directions. Clearly mark the package "EXPEDITED."

For passport processing time visit:

For more information on how to add more pages to your US passport Visit: How to Add Extra Pages to Your Passport.

It is not possible to add pages to Canadian passports. An applicant who has a valid passport in which the visa pages have become filled with visas or entry-exit stamps must apply for a new passport. Visit the Canadian government's site for more information.

It is not possible to add pages to an Australian passports either. You will need to apply for a new passport. Visit the Australian government passport site to learn more.

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