Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Women's Wellness Getaway

Women's Vitality Retreat-- Movement, High Vibration Food and Revolutionary Self-Care
If years of multi-tasking and taking care of others has left you feeling tired and under-appreciated, now is the time for a 4-day retreat to focus on restoring your vitality for the next chapter in your life. Come to the oceanside village of Camden, Maine to a sumptuous B & B, where you can sleep until you are rested, get hooked on yoga, discover dance, learn to eat for your body type, take hands-on cooking classes and enjoy the outdoors in this scenic resort town.

Join Holly Noonan, food educator and life coach, for a program that will revolutionize how you take care of yourself.  Holly is founder of Mind Body Nutrition. www.mindbodynutrition.

Avail yourself of the amazing team of yoga, dance and fitness teachers at HighMountainHall.com, gear up for outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking and kayaking in one of Maine's most pristine playgrounds, or just spend time by yourself, napping or sitting by the ocean.

Scheduled to coincide with Mother's Day, 2013, this retreat is designed for all women. Escape alone, or invite your mother/daughter/sister/friend for a special getaway to prioritize our own well-being, from which everyone in our life benefits.  
This retreat is offered through Eurynome Journeys WanderWoman® Tours of Camden, Maine.

Selection of add-ons to this program can include massage, acupuncture, nutrition consultation, colonhydrotherapy or a schooner trip!
Dates: May 8- 12, 2013.
FMI contact: Wanderwoman Tours 207.236.0110 or email go@wanderwomantours.com.

Live, Laugh & Travel!