Friday, April 13, 2007

Should you buy travel insurance?

(image from CBS web site)
The anwer in many cases is YES. The article below gives good advise to the consumer. Don't be misled by the headline.
Be sure to read the fine print!

April 11, 2007

Why It Doesn't Pay To Buy Travel Insurance
You're Probably Already Covered ... And You May Not Even Know It

“It may make sense to buy additional travel insurance if your health is an issue and you are traveling overseas. Some health insurance policies, such as Medicare, won't cover you abroad. Before you buy, check your homeowners and other policies [i.e. credit cards] to avoid any overlapping coverage. These policies may already provide adequate protection. Avoid purchasing policies through tour operators or cruise lines. If they go bankrupt, you could be out of luck. Instead, purchase through a third-party insurer … Bear in mind that not all credit cards offer protection, and that some are better than others.”
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It is very good advise to check what coverage is provided by your credit cards (you have to use the credit card to pay for the trip for it to be covered) and /or your homeowners insurance policy. Will they cover you if you loose your passport on the way to the airport and are denied boarding for your non-refundable vacation in South Africa? Good travel insurance will.

For a cheap domestic ticket that can be reissued for a fee-you probably don’t need insurance, but for that tour of Europe or Asia be sure to purchase adequate coverage-just in case. And if you or a family member have a pre-existing medical condition make sure it is covered by the insurance you choose.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Better Travel for Women

Here is an interesting story in the New York Times about how the travel industry is responding to the needs of women travelers. American airlines has launched a new travel site for women.

Source: The New York (NY) Times
Women Keeping Up Pressure for a Better Travel Experience

"...the growing number of female business travelers has had significant effects on the travel experience. Women are a big part of the reason that a typical hotel room, whether midlevel or luxury, has better bedding, lighting, room service, closets, work spaces and overall design.

Unlike men, women tend to notice the details and share them with friends and colleagues. So hotels are going to be hearing more about safety...

Much of the recent growth in business travel among women comes from
small businesses. Women own nearly 10.4 million businesses, employing nearly
13 million people. And many of these women are frequent travelers who approach life on the road differently from men...

Hotels took the major initiatives in designing travel marketing specifically for women.In 1995, Wyndham Hotels, with American Airlines as a partner, began a marketing program called Women on Their Way.

Yesterday, American Airlines, encouraged by the Wyndham program's successes, introduced a Web site for female travelers, It is the first airline to do so.

Besides a booking system, the site offers advice from an advisory panel of seasoned female travelers, and will soon offer tips and experiences from customers. According to American, 48 percent of its passengers are women.

"We think the market is right for it," said Peggy Sterling, American's vice president for safety, security and environmental issues. "Women clearly have very strong purchasing power."
To read full story visit source:The New York (NY) Times

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kalo Pascha-Happy Easter

This year Greek orthodox Easter coincides with Catholic and Protestant Easter celebrations. Most years Greek Easter is celebrated on a different date because the orthodox church follows the Julian calender rather than the Gregorian calender (Learn about calenders). Easter is a wonderful time to visit Greece! Below are some links about Greek Easter and Easter dates for the next few years.
Lean more:
Learn about Greek food:

(photo: Easter in Leonindion from

Celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter in Greece!
2007 - Easter Sunday - April 8th *
2008 - Easter Sunday - April 27th
2009 - Easter Sunday - April 19th
2010 - Easter Sunday - April 4th*
2011 - Easter Sunday - April 24th*
*same are Gregorian calendar

A Unique Easter in Corfu:
"Celebration of Easter in Corfu is a unique experience, different from anywhere else in Greece and particularly more impressive for first-time visitors to the island.
Easter is a huge festival, in which various components come together harmoniously, the Orthodox Christian faith, pagan traditions, the powerful presence of Saint Spiridon, the Roman Catholic community, the Venetian influence, genuine Corfiot humour, the music of the philharmonic bands and of course the spring atmosphere.
Holy Week throughout Greece is characterised by its church services, by fasting, and by the anticipation of the Resurrection...We recommend that during Holy Week you venture out of Corfu Town and into the villages to see all of the Celebrations.
Also if possible take a drive into the countryside and you will notice that the Island is moving towards springtime and the season of fertility and renewal, and enjoy its scents, after the dullness of winter, with its rain and cold weather, the sunlight underscores the fresh colours of nature, the white, yellow, mauve and green of the wild flowers, the blue of the sky and the sea."
Read more about celebrating Easter in Corfu at source:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Traveling through History

Brush up on history before you travel to enrich your travel experience. I am addicted the Teaching Company courses on CD. The courses are taught by university professors and are now available as audio downloads-so you can take them with you! (image from teaching co website)

Visit for a full listing of courses. Be sure to check out their their "ON SALE" section.

Traveling to Italy?
Get the History of the Roman Empire taught by Prof Michael Fagan. Professor Fagan narrates (with a delightful Irish accent) the history of Rome beginning with the myth of Aeneas’ arrival in Italy after the Trojan War and his founding of the Roman race to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century CE.

Or get a course about Renaissance Art on DVD. Even better get both!

Going to France and Germany?
Get Medieval Heroines in History and Legend on sale. The course consists of 24 lectures of 30 minute each. The course is taught by Bonnie Wheeler Ph.D., of Southern Methodist University.
“This course presents the lives, based on the latest scholarly interpretations, of four medieval women who still shimmer in the modern imagination: Heloise, the abbess and mistress of Abelard; the prophet Hildegard of Bingen; the legendary Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine; and the woman-warrior and saint, Joan of Arc.” To read more visit their website at

Don't really care for history? Too dry? Then get Prof. Fears's Famous Greeks and Romans (the Romans are on sale). He is an extraordinary storyteller.

The Teaching Company lecturers really make history fascinating and knowing the history of a destination makes travel all the more interesting.

Learn, Travel, and Live!

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Happy Travel Shopping!