Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Great NEW Travel Security Money Belt for Women!

At WanderWoman Tours I am frequently asked by travelers for recommendations for good security pouches, money belts, and theft-proof pocketbooks.  So when I discovered this new product-line for women offered by Dovetail Travel in Peace, I was eager to try it! 

I took both the Dovetail travel "Body Band" (security money belt-top photo) and "Body Wing" (halter-style security pouch-bottom photo), with me on a recent trip... and I loved them both! 

No more bulky travel belts with buckles, snaps, and straps!  The Band and Wing discretely fit like lingerie under your clothes and come with a light portfolio in which to place your cash, credit cards, and passport.  I love the sleek form fitting design and sheer material!
This new line, designed especially for female travelers, is the creation of Alex Ivory, a former dancer, an entrepreneur, and international traveler.   The idea of creating an ultra thin travel money belt for women came to Alex  on one of her adventures in South America; as the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention!"  

Dovetail's  travel security "lingerie" is perfect for traveling any place where you need to keep your cash, credit cards, and passport secure from would be thieves.  So next time you are traveling on an overnight train; exploring  cities notorious for pickpockets, such as Rome, Paris, Buenos Aires, or Hanoi ; or heading to destinations off the beaten path; be sure to bring along your Dovetail Travel in Peace security accessories!  

Note: The Band and Wing are not intended to be accessed in public, so you will also need to bring a secure bag to carry for money you plan to use.

Dovetail Travel in Peace Band and Wing can be purchased as a set online at:
Makes a great gift!

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