Thursday, August 6, 2020

USA has lifted Level 4 Global DO NOT TRAVEL Advisory

The advisory issued 18 March 2020, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, urged American to avoid all non-essential international travel. 

The State Department is returning to country-specific levels of travel advice.  You can search by country on their website for advisories and warnings: 

Several Level 4 advisories remain in place for countries such as Brazil, Egypt, India, Peru, Russia, etc. Also many countries, such as those in Europe, have not yet lifted their bans on American tourism.  

If you are ready to travel and feel comfortable doing so now, below is a list of destinations where American non-essential travelers welcome.  NOTE: most countries have certain restrictions, such as a negative Covid19 test result prior to arrival.  Check with the country’s consulate page to see entry requirements.

·       Albania

·       Antigua and Barbuda 

·       Aruba 

·       Bahamas 

·       Barbados 

·       Bali (Indonesia) September 1.

·       Belarus 

·       Belize 

·       Brazil

·       Croatia

·       Dominica

·       Dominican Republic

·       French Polynesia

·       Grenada

·       Haiti

·       Jamaica

·       Maldives

·       Mexico-never closed borders

·       North Macedonia

·       Puerto Rico

·       Rwanda

·       Serbia

·       ST Barths

·       ST Lucia

·       St. Vincent and The Grenadines

·       Tanzania

·       Turkey

·       United Arab Emirates 



What are your thoughts on international travel?

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